Why I Stopped Blogging

Oh, hello. It's been a while.

And writing this right now is really scary. Because for a while I was totally convinced that this chapter of my life was closed. That after four years of blogging, this was it.

So I stopped and reflected. Why had I stopped blogging? And, perhaps more importantly, why did I start blogging in the first place? And I thought that maybe I owed you all (that is, the handful of people who probably read here) an explanation.


Postcards from Coastal France: La Rochelle

I went on the most dreamy French holiday in June. And now it's August and summer's almost over, but you know what? I'm still going to share some pictures from my trip. No shame. 

I used to never be a France person. I had only been once before I went to university, and it was that classic quick-fire trip to Paris where you pack in loads of sites every day and barely stop to catch your breath. Or maybe that's just what holidays are usually like in my family (sorry Mom!)

Anyway, I had never been to the lesser-known parts of France until I visited Beziers last summer. Ever since I've been hooked on the French lifestyle. 

Ben and I booked a coastal getaway in La Rochelle and Île de Ré to satisfy our craving for the beach and revisit a part of France that his family had taken him to when he was younger. Between the food, the culture, and the breathtaking sunsets, it really was a picture-perfect trip, fit for any touristy postcard. For now, I'll just share the first part of our trip- La Rochelle. 


Manchester Foodie Diary

Ah, Manchester. My time here is almost up (3 weeks and counting... can you tell I'm excited to go home for a bit?). But I don't feel like I've been giving this city justice through my social media or my blog. While I've had a few bumps in the road since moving here, I've come to appreciate this city a lot more than I initially did. Manchester is certainly a foodie city through and through. And despite not spending many weekends here so far, I've definitely made the most of the Manchester food scene on the weekdays after work or when I have people visiting. There are a few more places on my bucket list to tick off before I leave, but so far here are the places I've tasted (and, for the most part, loved!).


Little Girl, New City: Hello, Manchester!

If you hadn't already noticed, there hasn't been much content up on this site in quite some time. I've been preoccupied with other things the past few weeks, but I'm determined to get back in the swing of things with this blog for the summer.

So, what have you missed?

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