Good Ol' Arthur

To be completely honest, I often sit down on Sunday (... or Monday) night panicked about what I'm going to write about next. It's easy when I've been to a big event or made the effort to do something special that week. But it's no secret that as an average college student, many of my weeks consist of simply studying, watching Netflix, and eating dining hall dinners. College isn't always so glamorous, after all.

But then when I'm faced with a blank page and a whole lot of worry, I try to think of the things in my life that I now consider normal, that somebody reading along from outside of the University of Edinburgh would think is interesting. 

Boom. Instant blog post (ha, not quite). 

In last week's post, I mentioned how my favorite aspect of my room was the view of Arthur's Seat. But I don't just look at that lovely extinct volcano all day like it's some sort of painting. Because hills aren't meant for looking at, they're meant for walking, running, and climbing. 

Regardless of my not-so-close relationship with nature (I like contained nature aka parks and gardens), I take full advantage of my close proximity to Arthur's seat, and have climbed to its peak twice so far, and frequently go on runs either around or partially up the feature. 

On my last run, I took my phone with me (a rare occurrence) to snap some pictures from Arthur's Seat and around Holyrood Park to share with you guys:

A view of Calton Hill.

The bigger building with the clock is the Balmoral Hotel.

Even Edinburgh Castle can be seen from Arthur's seat!

Holyrood Palace: the official residence of the British Monarchy.

The peak of the hill- as you can see, it would've been quite a long run had I gone up there.

There are a total of three lakes throughout Holyrood Park.

One of my favorite parts of climbing up Arthur's seat is the view of the ocean.

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