The Best Views in Edinburgh

With multiple deadlines in the next coming weeks, a full social calendar for the holiday season, and exams just on the horizon, I find it difficult to take the time to simply relax for a moment and appreciate the little things in my life.

One thing that I'm so grateful for, and that I tend to forget on the dreariest of days, is how beautiful Edinburgh actually is. I'll take some photos now and then on my way to class or as I'm doing some window shopping on Princes Street, but I'm always worried that I'll look like a tourist. Yet, I'll look through my phone a few weeks later and regret not taking a shot of that stunning sunset or that fantastic facade.

I know people always say to "live in the moment" and preach that we're far too focused on our phones, but taking a snap or two of something truly remarkable doesn't hurt- as long as you're not fiddling with the composition of the shot straight after (save that for a lazy Sunday morning).

As I said- the city of Edinburgh is way too aesthetically pleasing not to share through photography. So, here are some of my favorite snapshots from this semester:  

While there's always the quintessential (and heavily photographed) view of the city centre against the rolling countryside from Calton Hill, I find that this shot of some historic flats and the seaside is far more unexpected.

Princes street simply never disappoints. Every angle presents a new perspective and a different breathtaking view. I love how the stately buildings peek through the leaves in this photo.

Edinburgh Castle is always a solid focal point for photos, and I often aim to make it the center of attention in my shots. But I think its pretty cool how from this point of view, the statue dwarfs the castle- despite how massive the building is in real life.

I actually walked up to Edinburgh Castle a few weekends ago for the first time! It's bad luck to enter the castle before you graduate (as in, you won't graduate if you step foot inside), so I stuck to the outer grounds. Seeing the castle at night, lit up against a pitch black sky, was something truly magical.

As touristy as this photo and this street are, I'm kind of in love with the muted colors and intense shadows of this shot. The Royal Mile is very commercial, if I'm honest. But I have to admit that the architecture is still pretty magnificent- as are the cobblestone streets. 

What I like most about this photo, though, is how it really captures the "feeling" of Edinburgh- a little bit quirky, and very much gray, but still buzzing with energy.

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