My Edinburgh Bucket List

After this week, I'll be halfway through this academic semester (not including the exam period at the end), and it's had me in a bit of a panic that next year I'll be in my final year of University. And while there's a lot of academic pressure to come, I've also realized that there are so many fun things in Edinburgh that I've yet to do!

It may be a bit pre-emptive to start a bucket list for my remaining time in this lovely city, but I also think making a mini (and by no means exhaustive) list of things I'd like to do is a good reference for whenever I have a free weekend (or, let's be real- afternoon).

Spend an afternoon at Portobello beach // While I've been to the Portobello area for a parkrun in my first year, I've never paid this quaint town a visit in a non-running context. Just a short bus ride from the city centre, Portobello is home to Edinburgh's most famous beach, and maybe one of it's most famous brunching areas. If we ever get even a sliver of sunshine, I'll consider making the trip out! It's never warm enough to swim, though (unless you're particularly brave). But it's the perfect spot for a Sunday walk!

Have a picnic in the Pentlands // Once again, I've been the Pentlands to run before, but never just for a bit of relaxing! I'd love to take a cheerful (and slow-paced) walk around these beautiful hills, taking in the views, and finishing it off with a picnic. That is, when the weather gets a bit better up there! Whenever we get even a few flakes down here in the city, the Pentlands are basically having a blizzard (which is what happened this weekend). Not ideal picnic weather.  

Visit the Fruitmarket Gallery // There are no shortage of free museums and galleries in Edinburgh, and the Fruitmarket Gallery is one that I still haven't been to! Located right by Waverley Station, the Fruitmarket Gallery features contemporary art by Scottish artists, as well as artists around the world. With exhibitions changing on the regular, there's always a reason to go again and again! Plus, I've heard that the cakes in their cafe are not to be missed.

Have dinner at Kim's Mini Meals // While there are so many restaurants I have yet to try in Edinburgh, Kim's Mini Meals is one of those spots that I continually walk by and say to myself "One day I have to go!" Kim's is this teeny tiny restaurant (in what looks like the front room of a flat) that serves authentic Korean food. It's always packed and has a queue out the door- plus, it's only open for a few hours every night. Talk about a mystery! Not to mention, it's been featured in the Michelin Guide multiple times.

See a concert at Usher Hall // Despite being a hub for music and the arts during the Fringe Festival, Edinburgh isn't known for having particularly large concert venues, so popular artists don't tend to perform here (you'll have to go to Glasgow for that). That being said, I'd still love to experience a concert at Usher Hall- whether that's to listen to some jazz, discover a lesser-known artist, or take in an entire symphony.

Is there anything else I should add to my list?


  1. I've never been, but this list looks great! I hope you manage to squeeze everything in in time.

    Kirsty Leanne

    1. It's such a fantastic city! Thank you :)

      xo Leda

  2. I'm having a bit of wanderlust from this post and you've only posted one image. Edinburgh sounds divine.

    The Girl on the Tamarind Hill


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