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I just touched down in Los Angeles on Monday for my first big holiday after 8 weeks of work. I'd say it's pretty well deserved, and for that reason I'm keeping things short this week.

The next month or so is going to be pretty hectic for me in terms of travel. Nothing monumental or anything, but plenty of moving from one place to the next. It's definitely not the worst way to start off my final year of university, but I definitely wish there I had a bit more stability. Oh well, all in the name of travel, I guess!

Yesterday rounded off my second day in Los Angeles. My brother lives in Santa Monica, so this is a great opportunity to see him, and soak up some uninterrupted sunshine. Oh, and let's not forget about I'll the tacos I plan to consume while I'm at it. Tomorrow, we'll head to the Hollywood Bowl for a picnic and some jazz (two of my favorite things).

After our stint in LA, my family and I will head to Santa Barbara for a few days in wine country. While not as well-known for its wine as Napa or Sonoma, Santa Barbara provides a much closer means of getting our wine fix, being just two hours drive from LA. Our trip to Santa Barbara will also give us the chance to have some beach time (I have to even out that shorts tan I got from work!).

I'll be spending just three days at home before heading back to Edinburgh next Thursday. The summer has really flown by and I can't believe it's already time to go back to my second home city! Luckily, I'll have some time to relax before university actually starts. I never find that there's much of a point in staying at home past the end of August, since most of my friends have already headed back to college. This time, I'll be in Edinburgh with my mom, and I can't wait to take her around to my favorite spots in the city! She hasn't come to visit since my second year, so I've discovered a lot about Edinburgh since then.

After a couple of days in Edinburgh, my mom and I will head to St. Andrews- a city I've surprisingly never ventured to in my time at university. I'm hoping that on our trip we'll learn a bit of golf, have some fantastic fish and chips, and explore this gorgeous coastal city. I'm also looking for any and all St. Andrews recommendations before my trip, so feel free to leave a comment below!

Once our time in St. Andrews is up, I'll return to Edinburgh to move into my flat. I'm living in the same place I've lived in for the past two years, so I consider myself very lucky! Once again, I'll be in Edinburgh for a hot second before boarding another train for my next destination. London, naturally! I'll be visiting Ben (who's just started his new job), and we'll be celebrating our two year anniversary.

With so many trips planned for the next month or so, I can't help but be excited (if not overwhelmed) with all the traveling I'll be doing. Here's hoping that it all goes smoothly!

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