Black Ivy, Edinburgh: A Bohemian Dream in Bruntsfield

Living in a more residential area of Edinburgh, like Marchmont, it can be difficult to find an elegant spot for dinner or drinks within walking distance. So when a much-anticipated new restaurant and bar opens up around the corner from my flat promising "local luxury," I'm all ears.

Black Ivy opened it's doors just a couple of weeks ago in Bruntsfield, after a long renovation over the summer. Whether you're looking for a local lunch hangout or a new bar to try out, Black Ivy has got you covered. And with a complete overhaul of the space, menu, and overall vibe, you'll feel like you're in a hip, Newtown establishment- without the high price tag.


Remember, Remember... A Memorable Bonfire Weekend

I haven't celebrated Bonfire Night since my first year at University. It was super exciting since I had only been living in the UK for a few months at that point, and I had never heard of Bonfire Night before. I went up Calton Hill with my friends, lit some sparklers, and watched the diffusion of sparkling fireworks across the city.

Since then, I've let the weekend pass without notice. Which is sad, because Bonfire Night is such a fun holiday. I won't get into the history of Bonfire Night, but it's basically an excuse for people to come together to drink cider in the crisp autumn air and watch fireworks light up the sky.

But this year, I fully celebrated Bonfire Night with a fun 'n' fancy event in Central London, and a trip to Blackheath to watch some fireworks.


Life Update: Fourth year struggles, long-distance, and future travel plans

What? Leda posting on a Monday? I know- I find it hard to believe too!

I decided to post a little life update today because as you can see from my un-timeliness on the blog as of late, things have been getting pretty busy around these parts. Plus, between the travel and food posts, there's a real life going on behind the scenes! Just thought I'd remind you.

So here's the 411 on what I've been up to lately:


An Authentic Taste of Italy at Veeno, Quartermile

There are few things in life more comforting, or more deeply satisfying, than a nice glass of wine sipped alongside a lovingly prepared cheeseboard. In fact, this sounds like my ideal night in. But as far as my student budget can stretch, this usually means that I'm stuck buying a "slightly better than average" bottle of wine, and find myself deliberating over whether the hefty price tag of Tesco's Finest cheese is worth it.

But this weekend, I was able to live my continental fantasy when I was kindly invited to review a wine tasting at Veeno, the Italian wine cafe.

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