Why Home Friends Are So Important

Friendships: they grow, they change, they break, and they endure.

In elementary school, you're told to make new friends, but keep the old. But how many of us actually remember actively putting in an effort to make those friends? Playdates were usually set up by our parents, and our friendships were usually a result of who was in our classes.

In middle school, things got cliquey and your social status was determined by how many bar and bat mitzvahs you got invited to (at least, that was the case where I grew up). You worried about who you would sit with in the cafeteria, and whether or not it was actually cool to be in the school band or chorus.


Element, Edinburgh: A Scottish Treat on a Bustling Side Street

Edinburgh's food scene is currently witnessing a revival of sorts; one where restaurants and cafes are going back to their Scottish roots. Maybe it's the prospect of a second Independence Referendum, or maybe it's just that Scotland has always been fiercely proud of its culture. But one thing's for sure: haggis is no longer an anomaly on any given menu in Edinburgh.

Tucked away on pedestrian-only Rose Street, Element brings Scottish fare into a fresh and modern light. The menu changes as often as the seasons, paying homage to Scotland's ever-changing food landscape, meaning this menu is as dynamic as the country itself. What's better is that Element has really been upping it's game recently, with a refurb of the decor as well as the addition of daily brunch offerings to its menu. Talk about on-trend!


10 Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

Since my last two posts were very meaty and dense, I thought I'd switch gears this week and treat you to a quick 'n' fun post about none other than myself. Now before you go on about how vain I am, I think we have to admit that we all love reading about other people's lives. I mean, why else would blogging be so popular? (or maybe that's because we all love writing about ourselves...)

I'm not sure if all of these would qualify as "fun facts" you would share while going around the room on the first day of class. In fact, I think they're more fun than that type of fun fact. Read on and see if you agree!

Fact #1: Really Likes cocktails 


Meet Me In Morocco, Part 2: The Atlas Mountains & Sahara Desert

The prospect of escaping the bustling (and beautiful) city of Marrakech for a whirlwind two days visiting the mountains and the desert was an offer this girl just couldn't resist. And at only €50 a head, how could I say no? 

Picture this: traipsing around an ancient village, frolicking about some of the world's most picturesque mountains, and spending a night under the stars in a Berber campsite. Sounds glamorous, no? 

Little did we know that we would be spending most of our 36 hour trip on a mini bus, falling in and out of sleep, while Arabic music blasts through the speakers. Perhaps not the most comfortable of journeys, but, as they say, the juice is worth the squeeze. 

Before I move onto the details of our trip out of the city, I thought I'd talk a bit about how we ended up booking this excursion, for those of you looking to do the same in the future. There is no shortage of companies to book with for day trips outside of Marrakech. Whether you want to go to the Mountains, the Desert, or to Essaouira, a nearby beach town, you'll likely have people hounding you to hop on their minibus every time you walk through the Medina. 

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