Today I'm off to Italy with my parents (the "boys" will be joining us a few days later) for a much needed family vacation after two years of vacationing as an incomplete family.

With one brother in California, one working full-time in the Boston area, another just starting grad school, and me going off to Scotland in the fall, we are all officially "grown-ups." So it's hard to schedule a full-on family vacation with all six of us. But now it's finally come!

The Olia Family doesn't mess around when it comes to travel. Even when we were little, my mom always had a full itinerary at the ready- complete with restaurant reservations for every meal, museum tours, and sight-seeing details. And it was all down to the minute. While my travel-writer mom has relaxed a bit since then, our upcoming trip is certainly going to be filled with activities for every moment of the day.  

So, in the spirit of my trip, here's a major #throwback to our first trip to Italy circa 2005.

Such an actress.

Lots of gelato, of course!

Uncomfortable family photo at its finest. 

Bij and I were not having it. 

The best part of our villa in Tuscany? Ancient ruins on the property!

Vineyard views never get old. 

Camy and I taking full advantage of the pool.  

P.S. For those of you wondering, I'm not going directly from Italy to Scotland- I'll be back in the states for 11 days before I leave again. 

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