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Two weeks into classes and I'm already feeling exhausted. I'm not quite sure if it's the weekdays or the super busy weekends that are getting to me the most... But it's definitely the good kind of tired!

Anyway, after a rather serious post last week, I decided to do a little round up of a few things that have been on my mind and in my life lately:


I always like to look at what everyone is wearing to class. And especially since I'm in a completely new place, I've been comparing fashion here with fashion in the States. One thing I noticed is that everyone here wears loafers! Both girls and guys can often be spotted sporting these practical shoes to class. I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason why I see so many loafers is because British students mainly go to high schools that have uniforms, and the shoes go perfectly with a pleated skirt and button down shirt. So, once University came around, people continued to wear their loafers. Lucky for me, I got a pair last December. If you don't have loafers already, I would seriously consider buying them.

Eastland makes the best loafers in the world.

Budweiser Commercial 

I don't want to give away too much about this adorable commercial, but let's just say it will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Working in Cafes 

The thing about University is, you really find out what "type" of a worker you are. Finding out how you work best within the first few weeks is certainly important, so you should try out different locations and working-styles early on. For me, I've realized that I work best in cafes. I try to avoid Starbucks as much as possible (but I do sneak in there every once in a while) and usually go for local cafes. Buying a hot coffee, nursing it for as long as possible, and whipping out my laptop is my idea of a productive afternoon. The library is too serious for me, and my room is too quiet (plus my bed is about five feet away from my desk...), but cafes always have the perfect noise-level. And it's great for people-watching, too! 

Just a little snap from when I was doing Art History readings at Elephants & Bagels... they have the cutest drawings of elephants all over the cafe! 

Lean In 

I guess I'll admit it... I haven't finished this book yet. That being said, I don't think this is a book that you have to commit yourself to reading a chapter of every night. Whenever I'm feeling a bit unmotivated, I'll pick up Lean In to essentially hear the voice of reason aka Sheryl Sandberg tell me how I deserve more in my life and how to get it. Instant inspiration. Sandberg's witty prose is absolutely captivating. Who wouldn't want a successful, yet humble, woman telling them to "lean in" to their work and personal lives?


As a runner, I have always found walking dreadful. Why walk somewhere when you can run? But living in halls about 25 minutes from campus in a city that has almost no form of public transportation has forced me to embrace walking. I refuse to pay to go on a bus because, well, I like food more than I like getting places quickly. But walking to and from campus every day has made me realize how wonderful walking is. It allows you to explore an unfamiliar city, pop by restaurants you might want to go to later, and smile at dogs and babies in the park. If I didn't walk everywhere, I'm sure I wouldn't know Edinburgh as well as I currently do. So skip the bus, and use your feet every once in a while!  

That's all for now!   

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