Things I'm Glad I Brought

This post could more accurately be titled "lifesavers," since so many of these items have saved me from inclement weather, boring lectures, and homesickness. I didn't get to pack much on account of luggage weight limits and my family's limited ability to lug around suitcases, but of the things I did bring, I'm sure glad I brought these.

Rain Gear 

If you come to Edinburgh without any rain gear, you're either crazy, optimistic, uninformed, or some combination of the three. I think it's important when coming to a rainy, windy city such as Edinburgh to have a multitude of different rain-ready items so that you can not only change it up, but be prepared for anything.

This jacket is probably my favorite thing in my closet. Ever. It's practical, classic, and essentially a knock-off of the Barbour jacket I can never afford. However, it doesn't have a hood.

That's where this guy comes in. Oh, L.L. Bean, you never fail us, do you? This hooded number is the rain jacket to end all rain jackets. I passed on the navy and opted for yellow because while I generally dislike the color, I thought it would look absolutely adorable on gloomy days when it is, as they say here, "chucking it down." Plus, it's so bright that everyone looks at me when I'm walking (or running!) down the street.

L.L. Bean really kills it with the rain gear. I can't recommend them enough, especially since their Bean Boots are #MadeInAmerica. These boots are perfect for rain, snow, hail, you name it. But I've found them most useful for hiking up Arthur's seat. Want to know a secret? I bought them in the kid's size. They run huge. I consider myself to have average-sized feet, but even I was swimming in the women's version. I was hesitant at first, since the kid's version was brown on brown and not the traditional brown on tan combination. But I must admit, I love them all the same.  

Climbed all the way up here just for this photo- just kidding, I love the outdoors!

Oh, and don't forget an umbrella!

School Supplies 

Am I the only one who gets excited from having pretty school supplies? There's just something about having color-coordinated, customized paper-goods that makes me that much more motivated at the start of the school day.

{Notebooks [similar] // Agenda // Mug [similar]}

I had been eyeing Moleskine Notebooks  since the beginning of the summer. They're high quality notebooks designed in Italy that are the epitome of professionalism. I decided that since I was going to University, I'd splurge on a two-pack from Staples. They don't fall apart or have annoying spirals- the only downside is you can't remove the pages. I'm nearly done filling in the first one, and can't wait to get started on the second!

Buying an agenda each year is always a big commitment. I mean, you're stuck with one notebook that you'll use every day for the entire school year. Usually, I'll order an agenda with a cool design from Amazon, but when I heard about May Designs, I just had to try it. Here's how it works: You choose a print from over 100 designs, monogram it (or write any text on the front), and pick your inside pages (blank, agenda, lined). And there you have it- your own, totally personalized agenda. I love how they design templates suit any style and are hand stitched down the side! My only complaint is that they're a bit flimsy for the price. They're incredibly functional, nonetheless.

While this isn't exactly a "school supplies" item, it certainly is one of my favorite things to have around. My ceramic travel coffee cup has been my best friend when it comes to long nights of readings and essays. It has seen the likes of tea, hot chocolate, and some very cheap wine. The colors always brighten me up whether I'm heading off to class or just holed up in my room. I bought mine from J. Crew a few months ago, but it seems to be sold out. A more simple option can be found here, but if you're looking for something more artistic, I'd suggest looking at Etsy.

Photos from Home 

Hate to say it, but I didn't hang my photos up on a string with clothespins. I went off to University later than my friends in the States, so I decided to do something different (I'll let you know when that project's done, but for now, they're just stuck up on my closet!) But no matter how you choose to display them, I believe that bringing pictures from home (and pictures of home) is the best way to alleviate homesickness. It can make a lifeless dorm-room look far more lived-in and homey. And the best part? When you have people over you can spend far too much time explaining each photo to them in great detail- whether they like it or not.

What are your favorite things that you brought to University or College? Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. My friend Grace who goes to UCLA just started a blog! You can follow along with all of her adventures here.


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