3 Ways to Study for Exams Without Losing Your Mind

We all reach that one point when we're a studying machine for three days, and then suddenly we're hopping aboard the struggle bus. It's at this point that we plan on studying- I mean we'll even open up the lecture slides- but we can't quite bring ourselves to do anything academic and decide that watching Netflix all day is a much better idea.

But what I've come to realize recently is that studying doesn't have to be a constant stream of flipping through powerpoints and reading case studies. I mean, it does have to be like that to some extent. But when I'm not feeling particularly motivated, I've found that there are lots of ways to study without feeling like I'm actually studying. This way, I'm doing something different and enjoying myself while also being productive.

Khan Academy // I first learned about Khan Academy through their YouTube channel when I was in high school and was struggling a lot with math and science. But up until now, I didn't know that they did more than YouTube videos and much more than just math and science. My friend introduced me to 'SmartHistory' which definitely helped me along the way as I was studying for my art history exam. This series of lessons covered everything on my exam and more, while still providing information that was both clear and in depth. 
Ted Talks // If you watch them when you see them in your Facebook feed, why not watch them to study? Ted Talks are probably just about the best thing since sliced bread. They're funny, informational, and focused on unique topics- plus they're usually only 10-20 minutes long (y'know, for those of us who struggle to make it through movies without getting distracted). Ted Talks cover nearly every topic- from statistics, to environmental science, to anthropology (my personal favorite). After just one video you'll be surprised at how much of the information you'll retain! 

Buzzfeed // This black-hole of time-wasting is an unlikely study buddy, but if you look hard enough they sometimes produce quality information that may be relevant to your course. My friend sent me this link in which some hilariously gifted people combined the world of art and the world of snapchat to make something beautiful. To prepare for my upcoming art history exam, I found it appropriate to send wittily captioned pictures of Giotto's artwork to a bunch of my friends (sorry guys, they weren't really that funny). Truth be told, I didn't forget that one painting I snapchatted to my friends. 

Too bad it didn't come up on the exam. 


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