What I Appreciate About Being At Home

Last night, after a trip to J. P. Licks for ice cream with two of my best friends, the three of us sat on a bench in the center of town, watching teen-drivers nervously navigate the roads and families leisurely walk back to their houses as the daylight faded. 

A peaceful scene, indeed. But I couldn't hold in my personal frustration any longer: 

'Guys- Newton is so boring!' 

Only a year spent at uni and I was already turning into a home-hater.  

But, the truth is, where I live isn't half bad. I mean, we even have a geo-filter on snapchat. Our own geo-filter! I mean, it took Edinburgh (a major capital city) long enough to get one. So that's pretty impressive in its own right. 

Snapchat features aside, there are a few reasons why I do actually love being at home. I especially enjoy being back in Newton when it's for an extended period of time, giving me the chance to settle in to home-life, rather than feeling like I'm on holiday.

Having a car // I didn't realize how much I would miss driving until I went off to school. There's just something about having the freedom to pick up a friend on the other side of town, or even take a trip to the beach that makes having a car a little luxurious. Plus, I love to blast the radio and roll down the windows, singing Top-40 tunes at the top of my lungs with a bunch of friends (or by myself, to be honest). 

Having good public transportation // While I can technically take my car anywhere, my favorite way to get into the city is by taking the T (Boston's finest subway system). A two minute walk to the station from my house and 25 minutes into Boston (without delays) isn't a bad deal at all. Sorry, Lothian buses. But you really don't stack up well- even against the notoriously slow-going green line. 

The weather // Yes, Massachusetts had one of the worst winters on record this past year. No, I wasn't there to witness it (or clean it up). Still, New England summer's are really unbeatable- it never gets too hot or too dry (maybe a little bit too humid at times). Plus, there's hundreds of miles of coastline to sunbathe on the off-chance it does get unbearably hot. 

Free food // Not only can I waltz into the kitchen whenever I'm hungry, but I can go out to eat with my family all the time and never have to pay a penny. No more splitting the bill and worrying about spending too much on nachos. Plus, when I'm at home I have free reign in the kitchen, and all the ingredients I need are at my disposal. The result? Baking. So much baking. 

No complaints, I guess.   


  1. Hey! Thanks for leaving me a link to your blog. Had a read through it and loved it! I laughed when I read this though because Edinburgh has like the best public transport in Scotland. My home town's is rubbish! The last twice I've gotten the bus home from the centre of town the driver has skipped the part of the route that goes past my house because its 'not popular' GRRR! Have given you a follow on Instagram :)

    1. Hey Hayley! Glad you enjoyed my blog, and thanks so much for having a read! And yeah, everyone talks about how wonderful the Lothian buses are, but I feel like I could make the long walk from Pollock Halls to Princes street faster than a Lothian bus could take me there ;) That's so frustrating that the bus in your hometown would do that! Thanks for the follow on Instagram :)


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