5 Things I Miss About Fall in New England

I know some people roll their eyes when they hear that fall is my favorite season. The overexposure of pumpkin spice lattes, predictable Halloween costumes, and scarves the size of duvets can become a bit mundane after a week or so. But there are so many incredible aspects of this transitional period that make it worth loving. As a native New Englander, however, I sometimes find autumn in the UK to be a bit... underwhelming. My high expectations stem from New England's tendency to absolutely kill it during the fall. And so, I'm left longing for everything that makes autumn in America's prettiest region so gosh darn wonderful:

The fantastic foliage
While I think Edinburgh has really been upping its game foliage-wise this fall (shout out to the meadows for looking beautiful as ever), there's nothing quite like the brilliant colors of autumn leaves in New England. Not only are the reds, oranges, and yellows incredibly stunning, but there are so many trees that you end up ankle deep in leaves, swishing and crunching your way along the sidewalk. I definitely don't miss raking the leaves in the backyard, though- my dad is pretty obsessive about making sure the barrels are 100% full before the job is considered done.

Good effort from the foot of Arthur's Seat.

Massachusetts simply doesn't disappoint.
Apple picking
There was one weekend this past month where my entire instagram feed was filled images of open fields, cider donuts, and baby goats. It's safe to say that this made me feel a little bit homesick- apple picking at Tougas Farms on Columbus Day weekend was always a tradition in my family (until we all "grew up" and went off to college). And after a long afternoon of reaching up high for the best fruit, we'd all head back to my grandparent's house for a nice dinner and a freshly baked apple pie. I'm not entirely sure if apple picking is a common activity here in the UK, but I've heard from a few people that you're more likely to find farms that do "pick your own" down in England.

Sunday night football
A sports expert I am not. But having grown up with three older brothers, you can be sure I can at least follow an American Football game. What I miss most about Sunday night football isn't exactly the game itself. It's more the family togetherness that I miss, and the outstanding game-night dinners my mom would put together. I'm notorious for leaving the family room mid-game once the food is all gone. Oops.

Such a sporty gal.

This is one of the biggest reasons why November is a tough month for me. While there's always other ways to celebrate one of America's most important holidays, not having my family around, and not doing the usual family traditions, makes that one Thursday not feel quite right. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving? Getting up (relatively) early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with my brothers. That, and the fact that the holiday marks the "official" start of the Christmas season.

Fab Thanksgiving food.

Chilly Weather
Am I crazy for missing the bitter cold that seems to set in at the turn of the month in New England? Probably. And while it does become a bit chillier here in Edinburgh come November, its never enough for me to justify completely bundling up in my coziest sweaters and fuzziest socks. Plus, the greatest part is that the chilly weather is always a telling sign of the first snow of the season! And who doesn't love that?

Today's look- barelegged!

Early fall in New England- multiple layers!

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