Weekends Are for Brunching: A review of All Bar One Edinburgh

There are two things I love the most about brunch:

1.) It's the perfect mix of sweet and savory dishes.
2.) You can eat double the number of calories because it's two meals in one.

With all of my passion for this in-between meal, I could probably write an entire post book about all of the wonderful places I've been for brunch in Edinburgh, Boston, and beyond. But for today, I'll just focus on one in particular.

My blogging buddy Hayley was invited along to All Bar One to sample the brunch menu, and she was kind enough to ask me to tag along. Talk about perks of having big-time blogger friends am I right?

All Bar One has a few locations in Edinburgh, but we went to the one on George Street because it gave us an excuse to do a little bit of window shopping afterwards. The restaurant makes you feel like you're at a hot-spot in town the second you walk in- with chic lighting fixtures, high ceilings, and a cool color scheme you can't help but feel trendy in this space. The wood-paneled bar along the back has seemingly endless shelves of alcohol, enticing you to order a cocktail or two.

Unfortunately, I was far too jet-lagged to indulge in a drink, and Hayley had some revision to do later that day so we opted for a dry brunch instead. As soon as we sat down we both admitted that we had already looked at the menu online and picked out our favorite dishes beforehand. So we were quick to catch the waiters eye so we could order. I immediately ordered a coffee and it was suitably strong. It even came with a mini bottle of milk and a shot glass full of smarties- so unexpected but so cute! Hayley ordered a pineapple juice and I was definitely jealous of her tropical drink.

For my brunch dish, I went with my standby favorite, huevos rancheros. While I was tempted to have a classic eggs benedict, I was curious to see what the Brits' take would be on one of my go-to breakfasts. Whenever I see huevos rancheros on a menu, I'm almost too quick to order it! I had it nearly every morning when I was in California last spring, so I'd consider myself an expert at this point.

The huevos at All Bar One were made with scrambled eggs, which I was skeptical of at first (I've only ever had the dish with fried or sunny-side up eggs), but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. The eggs were well-cooked, and came with fresh avocado, spicy salsa, and some warm tortillas. A little unexpected bonus on the side was the pineapple and habanero ketchup which was a bit sweet for my tastes but paired well with the rest of the dish.

Hayley ordered the classic buttermilk pancakes with bacon, which was sprinkled with lots of fresh fruit- think bananas, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. She seemed to really enjoy it, and if you need further proof then you can go read her blog post here!

The funny thing about going out for a meal with another blogger is that it makes you feel way less awkward about taking photos of our food from all angles. We justify it by saying, well it's practically our job. Luckily, we both had chosen some very photogenic food, which is always a plus when sharing blog photos.

After our brunch we were happy, full, and quite frankly ready for a little snooze. It was the perfect way to start off my last month in Edinburgh before the summer.

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