You're Never Too Old for the Circus: A Night at Cirque du Soleil's "Kurios."

Forget what you know about the circus; Cirque de Soleil is in town.

The days of elephants, clowns, and tightrope walkers are long gone. Theatrical performances like Cirque de Soleil's Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities will make you rethink what it means to enjoy the circus.

You don't have to be a kid anymore to justify a day (or night) at the circus. As I approach my twenties (yikes) I realize that circuses aren't on the radar of most twenty-somethings as a viable evening activity. But the pure spectacle and sophisticated sensuality of Kurios makes this show adult-friendly as much as it is kid-appropriate.

Upon entering the big top at Suffolk Down's in East Boston you'll be greeted with a friendly ,yet eccentric, set of characters who interact with the audience, giving you a taste of the unique show to come. Marvel at the fantastic sets- a collection of unexpected objects, from futuristic mechanical structures to vintage gramophones- before you delve into a world of distorted reality.

It isn't often that we get a chance to put our phones on silent and truly take-in the sights of what's going on around us. But with Kurios, I found myself immersed in a visual feast that couldn't be matched by anything I could find on a screen.

At approximately 11:11, the production began to rousing applause, at the request of the personable man who would end up being the show's comic-relief. The audience is transported to the 19th century, as a locomotive pulls into the station at the center of the stage, introducing a peculiar crowd of energetic passengers who don't cease to entertain with their acrobatics and choreography.

What struck me the most about this show from the beginning, however, was its live musicians. With a crooning vocalist carrying along each and every act, the instrumental background was impressive enough on its own.

Image credit: Cirque du Soleil

Throughout the evening, various performers will leave you awestruck (or perhaps even speechless) with their demonstrations of strength and skill. Traditional circus acts are twisted and turned into fresh, modern interpretations. From "siamese twin" airborne acrobats to a "theater of hands" in which a story is told through an artist's hands in real-time, Kurios seamlessly oscillates between the familiar and the unexpected.

But Kurios is surprising in more than just it's ability to wow its audience with spectacular feats of daring. It is remarkable in how it bends the rules of traditional circuses, making it attractive to students and young adults who probably wouldn't normally choose the big top for their Saturday night out.  And with ticket prices starting at a reasonable $35, it's entirely worth it to indulge in this breathtaking celebration of joy, exuberance, and oddities.

If you think you've outgrown the circus, then think again- Kurios, will certainly not disappoint!

You can buy your tickets for the Boston show here, but be sure to check out Cirque's other fabulous shows around North America and the rest of the world on their website here

Thank you to the PR team at Cirque de Soleil for a wonderful night at the circus. I am so lucky to be able to share experiences that I truly enjoy here on this blog with my readers. 


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