Martha's Vineyard in Pictures

It's no secret that I absolutely love traveling. Is 'professional traveler' a job? Because if it is, then sign me right up.

But the thing is, there's not always enough time in the month to travel somewhere far-off and exotic. You know, one of those places that you can brag to your friends about how you 'found yourself' and reached total bliss.

Let's be real: we're not living in the movie Eat, Pray, Love.

Wouldn't be a blogpost without a Mindy reference- can you tell how much I love this show?

However, I do believe that it's entirely possible to have an amazing time traveling somewhere a little bit closer to home, while still having the instagram pics of your dreams (#NoFilter #ButReallyIUsed7EdtingApps).

And for me, Martha's Vineyard always does the trick when I'm feeling a bit sick and tired of being at home, but don't really want to travel too far away. The first time I visited this island off the coast of Massachusetts, I was with two of my close friends. From then on, I fell in love.

Quick side note before I flood you all with pictures: I am so incredibly grateful for the job that my mom has as a travel writer. It means that I get to tag along on all her trips, snapping pictures along the way, and following her around on hotel tours with perky PR representatives. So shoutout to mom for being the best travel writer (and partner) ever!  

Lambert's Cove Inn was probably one of the most fantastic places my family has ever stayed at. It wasn't fancy or flashy, but the grounds of the hotel were incredible- they had seven acres of farmland!

And the best part? These two lil' guys-Ava and Zsazsa. Definitely some of the cutest goats I've ever seen. 

Our first dinner was at the Atlantic- a harborside restaurant and bar that apparently turns into a nightclub past a certain hour. Unfortunately, we didn't stay long enough for me to experience the Martha's Vineyard clubbin' scene with my parents (yikes). 

Despite the lack of dancing, the food was spectacular. Pictured are our appetizers (clockwise from left)- glazed jumbo shrimp, fried bacon, and king crab ceviche. Seafood is always the way to go on the Vineyard.  

The next morning we walked less than a mile down to the beach. I can honestly say that it was one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever been to! (Check my instagram for a pic) In this shot, my parents are looking especially artsy. 

The highlight of the trip? Renting bikes and taking what has to be the smallest ferry in the world to Chappaquiddick Island (try saying that five times fast). Chappy is a small, remote island just 527 feet off the coast of the Vineyard, made famous (or, really, infamous) by the driving incident of Ted Kennedy in 1969.    


The second we got on the island, we made a b-line for the MyToi Japanese-style gardens. The whole space was just breathtaking.  

We finished off the day with a walk down to one of my favorite spots- Lighthouse beach. It's a quiet little beach with a picturesque lighthouse that just screams 'New England.' And the best part? A guy proposed to his girlfriend right in front of us!

We ended our trip on the highest possible note with a stop at the Bear In Boots gastropub in Falmouth (just minutes from the ferry port). The food was exceptional. From fresh takes on old classics- like the stack of fried green tomatoes- to amazing comfort food- pork chops, anyone?- the Bear In Boots really hit the spot. Oh and did I mention that the desserts were absolute perfection? On the left are chocolate blood-orange beignets (a special for National Doughnut Day) and on the right is my personal favorite dessert of all time, molten chocolate cake, with homemade ice cream. 

While we didn't travel too far from home this vacation, it really felt like we were a world away.   

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