My Summer Bucket List

Race more // While I love racing during the school year, summer fun runs are probably my favorite type of races. Despite the insane summer heat, you can't beat the exciting and carefree dynamic of a summer road race. Not to mention, there's always free food! This summer, I've signed up for three races- a 5k, a 5 miler, and a 7 miler. I completed the 5k this weekend and couldn't have been happier with my place! Finishing second in my age group was a big accomplishment for me, even though a few elementary school kids beat me. I'll get 'em next year.

This is my 'Mom please don't take a picture of me right now' face.

Go hiking // Going to school in Scotland has made me a little bit more outdoorsy- just enough to actually enjoy some light hiking. I'm not talking about climbing legit mountains, but I'd totally be down for a fun hike and picnic in the Blue Hills. So who's coming with me?

Go to a drive-in movie // Despite their near extinction in Massachusetts, drive-in movies are not a thing of the past quite yet. To me, they have always seemed like a cliche, yet quintessential, summer outing.

Cook every week // I've already started trying to hone in my cooking skills, but practice really does make perfect. Not only do I want to try out some new dishes, but I also want to repeat some of my favorites so that I can really master them (check out this post for some recipes I've already tried out!).

Pasta with fresh peas and bacon... lots of bacon.

Read a fiction novel // The last time I read a work of fiction for my own personal enjoyment was last summer. Ever since then, I've been all about reading non-fiction- weather it's case-studies for a school essay, or the memoirs of comedy writers. Hopefully, this summer, I can not only read more, but read a wider range of genres.

Get used to driving longer distances // If you've ever been in the car with me, you'll know that I'm an incredibly nervous driver. Once I get behind the wheel, my stress-levels skyrocket. I'm a pretty good driver overall, but I avoid the highway at all costs. It's something about the speed and the number of cars that makes me want to limit my driving to a very small radius. But, this summer, I'm going to challenge myself to drive on the highway so that places like the beach don't seem so far out of reach.

Get published // This one is currently in the works and under-wraps! While I do love writing for my blog, I'm trying to work on expanding my writing experience beyond online-publishing. And hopefully I'll get paid in the process!  

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