My 2016 Year in Review

I think that the general consensus is that 2016 will go down as one of the worst years in history. Between the vote for Brexit and the election of Trump, we're going into 2017 with a lot of uncertainty and, in many cases, fear.

But, that being said, I think it's also important for us to reflect upon all of the positive things that have happened this year. Whether it's personal accomplishments or random acts of kindness from strangers, I think we all need to remind ourselves that there still is some good left in this world. That's exactly why I'm going to take this post to reflect on a few things in my life from 2016 that have left me with a smile on my face as this year comes to a close.

Travel // This past year I've visited New York City, Vermont, Venice, Martha's Vineyard, Spain, and Dublin, with a few trips to London sprinkled in between. I've been so lucky to be able to see so much of the world and have so many memories (and photos!) to look back on. I'm hoping that 2017 will be a year filled with even more travel- starting with a trip to Marrakech in February!

Running my first half-marathon // While running in general tends to bring me loads of happiness, I have truly never been more happy than when I was running my half-marathon in October. From the bagpipers at every mile, to the incredible support from the crowds, to the sweet soreness of my legs when I finished, it was a truly a positive experience all around. I think I might just have to sign up for another in the near future!

Redesigning My Blog // I am so happy/pleased/relieved to have had my blog redesigned by Serena! She did a perfect job listening to what I wanted and bringing it to life! I am absolutely terrible at design- I know what I want things to look like in my head, but always have trouble executing it. Redesigning my blog also motivated me to professionalize the blog a bit more, and helped me gain confidence in marketing myself.

Cooking and Hosting // This year I really challenged myself in my cooking, from trying out new recipes like homemade onion rings, to perfecting old favorites like chocolate swiss roll. I also took more time to host friends for dinners this year, and learned a lot from cooking for big groups of people. I'm hoping I'll have a lot more cooking-related blog posts coming up in 2017!

New Blog Opportunities // For me, the blog has never been (and will never be) about any sort of monetary perks I can gain from it. But I've been so lucky that I've been offered so many amazing opportunities this year that a.) Perfectly fit with my "brand" and b.) Make me excited to blog about something I truly love. From reviewing Badger and Co. to paying the Raj a visit, I've been able to add a few more places to my list of recommendations for friends visiting Edinburgh!

Thinking about my future // As I continue with my third year of uni, I've become more in tune with what I want in life and how I can make it happen. A lot has changed since I entered university, and I'm ready to try new things, go to new places, and seek out opportunities I never thought I would be interested in. I've become more confident in the skills that I have, and have focused on my ambition to drive me forward in whatever I choose to do. I know that at 20 years old, you're not supposed to have it all figured out, but this past year has helped me to figure things out a bit more.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings! And hopefully I'll be ringing it in with a glass of bubbly... (or two).

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  1. Please continue to slay as much in 2017. Thanks.


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