Tales from Tremblant: A Winter Wonderland

Ski season is upon us, and there are far too many snow-covered destinations to choose from to satisfy your cravings for fresh powder. From the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the Rockies, and all the way to the Swiss Alps, choosing the right place to hit the slopes is no easy feat.

If you're like me, and not exactly a seasoned ski-bunny, you'll want to find somewhere that has as many greens and blues as it does blacks, and has enough to do when the sun goes down and the ski lifts screech to a halt (or when your legs give out from all the activity!)

The perfect place to fulfill both of these requirements? Welcome to Mont Tremblant.

Located just shy of 100 miles north of the beautiful city of Montreal, Mont Tremblant is the perfect excuse to escape from the bustling city, pull on your dusty old (or brand spankin' new) ski jacket, and breathe in the frosty Canadian air.

Mont Tremblant is unique in its function as a top-tier ski resort, highly regarded by the world's greatest skiers, while simultaneously having enough activities for those who prefer not to be on the slopes. With a towering mountain as the centerpiece for this resort, and an entirely walkable ski-village at the base of the mountain, whatever your ability or interest, Mont Tremblant will prove to be the perfect choice.

Having braved the elements (read: a blizzard) and the winding roads leading up to Tremblant, Ben and I arrived at the Tour des Voyageurs hotel in one piece, late in the evening. Warmly welcomed as much by the cozy fireplace as by the inviting front desk staff, we hauled our luggage to the nearby room. The Tour des Voyageurs is one of Tremblant's most iconic hotels, with the famous clock tower serving as the backdrop for the building.

When I travel, I always want to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck when it comes to the value of where I'm staying. The Tour des Voyageurs is certainly one of the best values in and around the village, with reasonable rates (even in high season), spacious rooms, and even a few exclusive benefits for free activities (but I'll mention those later).

Our main ski day was as picturesque as could be- blue skies, fresh, fluffy powder, and a steady (but not too busy) stream of enthusiastic ski-goers. Once we had gotten our "ski-legs" back in action (it's been a year since we last went), it was straight down the green slopes, hard and fast to the bottom. Not too fast for me, though, as I'm still a beginner! Though Ben did say I could call myself an "intermediate" skier by the end of the trip!

What I loved the most about Tremblant's ski runs was that they were wide, beautifully manicured (perfect piste!), and had stunning views to boot. Bear in mind, though, that I only managed to ski the greens so I can't say as much about the blacks!

While sometimes I feel that my novice status when it comes to skiing prevents me from having more options of runs to ski, or only allows me to ski the same short slopes again and again, I didn't feel like this was the case at Tremblant. There seemed to be a new green run route around every corner, and I even had the chance to ski from the top of the mountain to the bottom!

If I had to choose my favorite run of the whole trip it would be P'tit Bonheur, a lengthy green run from the top of the mountain which took exciting twists and turns, and had a few steeper bits along the way. While it was challenging, it was the fact that it was largely deserted that made me feel more comfortable. I would have blissfully skied that run all day if I could!

Once our picture-perfect ski day had come to an end, we were in need of some R & R to recuperate from the day's damage (I did fall once, straight into three feet of snow!). While the hotel did offer a hot tub and sauna, we didn't utilize these amenities. We had a few snacks to power ourselves up, and set out to explore the village.

The pedestrian village at the base of the mountain is truly a sight on its own. While we were a far cry from Europe, it felt as though we had been plopped into the middle of a fairytale. From the glittering lights on the street, to the pops of red, turquoise, and yellow on each and every building, the village is a real feast for the eyes. Wander around the shops (ski-related or not!) and take in the splendor of this real-life winter wonderland.

Keen to squeeze in just one more activity before dinner, we headed up to the ski lift area to partake in some childish fun- snow tubing. Free entry to tubing was one of the perks of staying at the Tour des Voyageurs (along with complimentary ski rental). While the tubing at Tremblant is primarily aimed at children, I promise you won't be the only adult on the mountain if you give it a go. Cautious parents and tipsy college students mingle among the icy mounds to slide down the mini-slope with glee.

For reference, here's a short video of us enjoying the night:

Having powered through lunch (we didn't want to miss out on any precious ski time), we were more than ready for some dinner by 8 PM. Having heard good things online about Pizzateria, we headed down the main road of the village to satisfy our hunger. Tremblant offers a wide range of dining choices, from a quick-service creperie to a refined, yet cozy, fondue and raclette experience at La Savoie.

For somewhere in-between, though, Ben and I picked out Pizzateria from the crowd. With a comprehensive menu of Roman-style 9-inch pizzas, we perused the menu over drinks. Always keen to try out new, local drinks, Ben ordered a red ale and I had a fresh, tart Rosé from Quebec. Our pizzas were just the thing to lift our spirits after a long day of skiing, and we absolutely loved the covered deck where we were seated. For the size of the pizzas, the prices were very reasonable and the service was as inviting as anywhere we had been in Tremblant. Just keep in mind that tax might hike up the price a bit by the end!

While our pizzas were truly satisfying, I knew I couldn't leave Tremblant without having a beavertail. No, not a real beavertail but a slab of fried dough topped the indulgence of your choice! I had the nutella version, while Ben chowed down on the classic cinnamon-sugar flavor. Served hot in hand, these pastries were out of this world, and the perfect thing to warm us up in the cold evening! 

Our final half-day consisted of more skiing, of course, but the conditions were not nearly as ideal as the day before. But the gloomy gray skies and intermittent fog couldn't dull the brightness of Tremblant. Even on an imperfect, non-powder day, the brightly colored facades of the village shops and restaurants shine through the dull weather, reminding you that Mont Tremblant is truly one of a kind. 

Whether you're a novice skier or as experienced as can be, put Mont Tremblant on your bucket list. Because there isn't a place out there quite like it.    

Thank you to Mont Tremblant for hosting us, and providing us with an incredible experience! You can find more information on bookings for Mont Trembalnt here       


  1. Wow, it looks insane! I've been skiing once, and the views truly are breathtaking. I'd love to give skiing a go across the Pond and have only heard great things about skiing in Canada!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. The views really are stunning! You should definitely come to North America to ski, it's such a great experience!

      xo Leda

  2. Your photos are incredible! I went snowboarding in Colorado a few years ago and it was my favourite holiday ever! I miss the slopes so much x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Thank you so much! I've heard the skiing and snowboarding in Colorado is insane- I'd love to go sometime!

      xo Leda


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