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Little Girl, Bigger World is a blog that focuses on real life. "Lifestyle" has become synonymous with a luxurious, aspirational world that is far from the average person's reach. But this blog doesn't give into that definition of "Lifestyle." Here at Little Girl, Bigger World, I aim to be as real and as genuine with my readers as I would with my closest friends. Think of this space as a diary for my life, where everything is real and raw, and nothing is sugar coated. Whether I'm dishing out my best travel tips, waxing poetic about my new favorite restaurant, or giving my opinions on an important social issue, I'll always keep it real. What can you expect to read about here at Little Girl, Bigger World? Usually, you'll find posts on the best places to eat in Edinburgh, tales of my latest travels, and tips on how to survive student life. It's all a part of my own unique perspective on "Lifestyle."    


I started this blog in the summer before I jetted off on the biggest adventure of my life. I spent my whole life living just outside of Boston, and made the move to Edinburgh, Scotland to attain my undergraduate degree at The University of Edinburgh. Having never visited Scotland before- and having been raised in America all my life- picking up and moving across the Atlantic to spend four years of my life in a new place was a pretty big deal. So I thought I would write about it. My blog served as a way for me to keep in touch with family and friends, and to share with them much more than they could see in a Facebook or Instagram photo. I also wanted to inspire others to do what I did, and take a chance to move to a completely new place. So if you're looking for insight into what it's really like to move abroad for university, then you've come to the right place. 


So you already know that I'm a Boston gal at heart and that Edinburgh is now considered my home away from home. But what else is there to know about me? Well, I study Sociology at The University of Edinburgh, where my main academic interests lie in food practices, education, and gender studies, as well as how this all ties into social policy. I'll be graduating in July of 2018 (yikes) and hope to continue to live in the UK after that.

I'm always (and I really mean always) writing- whether that's here on the blog, for the Student Newspaper, or freelancing. I also love to cook and bake (hence the love for food), as well as run (how I'm able to eat all this food!). Singing is also something that I'm passionate about, and I'll be the Vice President of my choir next year.


To me, Little Girl, Bigger World really encapsulates who I am. First of all, I'm pretty small! Even at the age of 20, I barely measure five feet tall. But despite my small stature, I'm always ready to explore the world around me and go off on my next big adventure. Moving to Edinburgh really made my world much bigger- and I can't wait to see what comes next! 

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